Therpeutic starter kits


Immediate treatment is essential for survival in neonates! Whether a treatment such a antibiotics to fight infections, or low blood sugar, or another iv treatment prescribed, delayed initiation, even just for 1-2 hours, may make the difference between life and death. Early treatment will also prevent significant morbidity and handicap. 

Unfortunately, most medical treatments are not immediately available in neonatal units in developing countries today. Additionaly, financial difficulties might also delay the onset of a life saving treatment. The need for parents or family to return to their village to gather the the monney needed to buy the prescribed drugs and medical supplies delays the start of the medical treatment, and often with severe consequences, even leads to death for these very fragile newborns. 

Not only life-saving antibiotics or drugs, but also hospital supplies such as iv lines, tubing, and flushing liquids need to be bought by parents, usually at the hospital pharmacy. The poorest families may only be able to buy these drugs on the black market. This carries a very high risk of the drugs to being altered and either ineffective or inappropriate and dangerous.

This project, planned for Bonassama district hospital, aims to set up 2-3 types of therapeutic starter kits (for infections or hypoglycemia) in sufficient numbers to reduce mortality and morbidity due to delayed onset of treatment. The implementation of this plan requires a starting fund, a strategy to recover the initial investment and replace the starter kits, and an appropriate stock management strategy.