About us

4earlylife is a non-profit association organized under the Swiss Civil Code. It is politically neutral and not bound to any religion. Donations are tax deductible in Switzerland.

4earlylife was founded in 2013 by the Exhenry/Pfister family to coordinate cooperation efforts and help implement humanitarian support for the youngest children, especially newborns. In their professional lives as doctors in paediatrics and neonatology, Dr. Exhenry and Dr. Pfister have provided state of the art support to infants and small children in Swiss medical facilities for over 30 years.

While on professional and pleasure trips, the founding members of 4earlylife often encountered poverty and injustice towards the youngest children. They therefore decided to use their professional knowledge as teachers, organizers, supporters and specialists in early childhood to create an association that coordinates efforts to improve the life of newborns and young children.

Through training and the development of appropriate equipment and infrastructure, adapted to local conditions in developing countries, the ultimate goal of 4earlylife is to improve the quality of life of very young children, especially newborns.


Read more about how we started the Kangaroo Care program in Bonassama/Cameroon in the 2013/4 newsletter (English / French)