The reduction of child mortality is listed as a priority target under The Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

The number of under-five deaths worldwide has declined from more than 12 million deaths per year in 1990 to 7.6 million in 2010. The highest rate of child mortality remains in Sub-Saharan Africa, where progress has been slowest. 

The decline is not seen across all age groups however. Neonatal mortality (i.e. below 4 weeks of age) currently represents an increasingly large share of overall child mortality, well over 40%. We strive to change this.

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X-mas, 2018        Merry X-may with the piano recital by Orlan and Soel for 4earlylife

We wish you all a merry X-mas through this music-clip of Orlan and Soel and their family. Their performance has allowed to fundraise for a our projet to support neontal resuscitation courses in the north of Burkina Faso.

December 1, 2018        Piano recital 4earlylife by Orlan and Soel, premature twins now 7 year old

7 years ago, Orlan and Soel were both born very prematurely at the Geneva University Hospitals. Almost since back home, music has become their friend and very early the piano their instrument to move in this musical field. Their parents, Séverine and Alban and all the family have supported their musical talent and overcame many of the difficulties of premature infants by facilitating their strive in this artistic dimension.

In 2017, the two boys, just six in age, returned to the Geneva Neonatal Unit for a recital not only for the medical and nursing team, but very specially for all babies with their parents present at this Christmas concert. No words can describe the good their presence and concert has brought to parents of the premature babies and the whole unit. 

We are very greatful that Orlan and Soel and their parents bless us with a Christmas concert for the benefit of our 4earlylife projects. The concert will be held on 1.12.1019 16h00 in Meyrin/Geneva at the auditory of the Meyrin Township.

Click here to look at the Meyrin Bulletin number 210 for more information.

June 2018        Antonio Bruni Maternity opens in Ouahigouya - Burkina Faso

We are very happy to hear of the lucky brith of the first babies at the Antonio Bruni Maternity on 15.5.2018! This is the departure of a phatastic adventure and achievement of a great preparatory work and we are very happy to have been able to support with our knowhow to the development of the neonatal unit as well as the neonatal education of Dr. Jonas Ayéroué who is the Neonatologist on site.

The motto of the maternity hospital is: care - eduation - prevention

Hear the radio-interview of Dr. Zala, the medical director of the Paediatrics hospital in Ouahygouya carried by the Persis Foundation. 

January 2018        Antonio Bruni Maternity hospital opens in Ouahigouya - Burkina Faso

We are very happy to hear from Bernard and Irène Mivelaz (Persis Fundation) that the new maternity hospital Antonio Bruni in the north of Burkina Faso is ready to open. 5 years down the track of the first plans, this facility now extends the already renound Centre Médico Chirurgical Pédiatrique Persis to support and develop care to newborns and their mothers. Check out their recent newsletter!

We are proud to have been able to participate to the architectural and functional planning of the structure as well as the teaching of the pediatrician in charge of the neonatal unit, Dr. Jonas Ayéroué. We are committed to continue the support.

April/mai 2017      Great FUNDRAISING!

11.5.2017   ROTARY Club Geneva International EVENT

Rotary Club Geneva International holds a CHARITY GALA DINNER & AUCTION at the Intercontinental Hotel Geneva in favor of a Swiss technical innovation to reduce infant mortality. Read more below. Everyone can participate!

Information : www.rc-geneve-international.org

Booking : www.en.xing-events.com/DGABJMD

9.5.2017   Lions Club Geneva EVENT

Lions Club Geneva-Lac holds a CHARITY GALA DINNER & AUCTION at the Grand Hotel Kempinsky Geneva in favor of a pediatric and neonatal Hospital in Ouahigouya - Burkin Faso. We have participated to the architectural desing of the new obstetric and neonatal section and supported the education in neonatology of the pediatrician in charge of the neonatal section. After one year of specific education at Geneva Univeristy Hospital Neonatology under the supervision of R. Pfister Dr. Ayeroué is now back in his country to improve the care of newborns. Help us to support the project and come to the Gala Dinner!

Information : A information leaflet can be downloades here and the project summary here.

October 2016       Thanks! The Mayrhofer family supports 4earlylife with a fundraiser 

Although the weather did not play very nicely that day, the Mayerhofer family in St. Gallen has no doubt had lots of succes with an incredible choice of cakes and bread and other pasteries to support our association. Many thanks to this great initative of the Mayrhofer family!

September 2016      4earlylife supports Neonatal Resusciation training in NEPAL

4earlylife supported a pediatric team from HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) with a Laerdal birth simulator and neonatal mannequins to train neonatal care at birth and neonatal resuscitation during a recent mission in NEPAL. The HUG team with Noemie Wagner and Laurence Lacroix brought support to the region of Gandaki devastated by the April earthquake.

L'enseignement et puis les mannequins qui se reposent (sèchent)

1.1.2016      Happy New Year from 4earlylife

We had a full and interesting 2015. Read more for the summary of 2015 activities and achivements. Thank you for your continuous support!

18-19.6.2015       Neonatal resuscitation course in Gabon: Drs. C. Exhenry and R. Pfister give a Neonatal resucitation course for instructors at Agondjé University Hospital in Libreville with the support of the local director Prof. Simon Ategbo, NNIA and Gabon's ministry of health and finish on the first page of the local newspaper...

25.2.2015       Fundraising evening 4earlylife: To support financing of a new reference centre for Kangaroo Care in Douala Cameroon, Cristina, Rym, Mia, Tania, Yasmina, Sara and Sevyn have organised an incredible fundraising evening at Insensé in Geneva. Thank you for this fabulous support!


16.1.2015       International Neonatology Congress: Dr. R. Pfister organizes with and for the Swiss Society for Neonatology the annual Congress in Geneva with the main topic of Cooperation in the field of early life. Click for the Congress leaflet...

28.12.2014      Ventilation for the Bonassama paediatric services: Thanks to a generous sponsor we have been able to install ambient ventilation in all patient rooms. This will greatly improve patient and parent comfort and most likely also in-hospital infections. Read more here...

17.11.2014      World Prematurity Day: Neonatology at Geneva University Hospital and Bonassama district Hospital in Cameroon simulataneously celebrate mothers and their premature baby

Nov 2014         Visit of BPKIHS in Nepal - 11’000 deliveries per year and Kangaroo CareC could help           to reduce crowded Neonatology and Paediatric wards

17.4.2014         Kangaroo Care Bonassama wins a prize at Geneva Heath Forum 2014

23.3.2014         Funding to equip all the Bonassama pediatric section with ceiling fans was obtained and installation can go ahead! Many thanks to our donor!

27.2.2014         Bravo! today the Bonassma unit was officially accreditated as kangaroo unit!

23.2.2014         Today we had the highest-ever simultaneous presence of Kangaroo Care babies (9 low     birth weigh babies of which two twins couples) at Bonassama District Hospital. Only 3 appropriate    beds are available so far for the 7 mothers; four of them had to be temporarily assigned beds in the  pediatric section.

01.01.2014       Our epidemiological publication, based on our current work in Cameroon, was just               made available online.

25.12.2013       Happy 2014 Newsletter (our Kangaroo Care cooperation story) also in French

17.11.2013       Today is the 3rd World Prematurity day

15.11.2013       Follow us un Twitter - @4earlylife

14.09.2013       Happy first birthday to our first Kangaroo baby! click here for more info!

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