Resting shelter for parents and family

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Overcrowding spreads infections in pediatric wards. At Bonassama district hospital in Cameroon, food is brought to the young patients by their parents and family who eat together in the same room. This practice leads to overcrowding in the small unit with 6 or 8 beds, to unbearable heat and smell, and to spreading of infections! Severely ill patients need a clean and calm environment. Parents and other family members, such a smaller siblings, need a separate space to spent time in.

We plan to build a simple and functional hut tht that will provide a space where parents and other family members can gather, eat, and rest. The hospital director has already given permission for the work to be done, and during our recent trip in November 2013 we planned the architectural components and determined budget needs. We are now in the fundraising phase for the project. Funding of 10’000 CHF will be required to complete the project.

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One single family with their young child treated for severe life threatening malaria - besides iv anti-malaria treatment, a quiet enviroment is the most important care for this condition attacking the brain.