How to help 4earlylife?

Follow us on twitter

By following us on twitter @4earlylife you will help share our desire to improve survival and quality for early lives (4earlylife).

Become a member

Your membership of CHF 50.- per year will be exclusively used for 4earlylife projects. Because the board and its members are all volunteers, the full amount of your membership or other donations goes directly towards the implementation of the various 4earlylife projects.

Invest in a specific project

Do you wish to donate to a small or large project and want it to be tangible? You hesitate to donate because you think your donation would be too small or you do not want to donate in a fund where the aims remain abstract? Click here to look at some concrete projects. Any amount you are able to contribute (even as little as 20.- CHF) will make a difference! 

Donate towards operational demands

The association 4earlylife needs seed funds to initiate projects and to provide support to connect related projects, with the long-term aim of multiplying the impact of already functioning projects. Such a donation requires two-way trust! By allowing your donations to be tax deducible, the Swiss Government has shown its trust in 4earlylife. We would like to have the opportunity to convince you of the importance of your support for our projects and, even more, we would like to cooperate with you! Look at some of the projects we have undertaken here or, better yet, e-mail us directly - we will answer your call.

No donation is too small - look here at how much one swiss franc can do!

Offer your ideas

Do you have a brilliant idea but need support for its start? Please contact any of the board members here if you have ideas and plans that you think would make a great difference for the quality of life for neonates and early childhood. Our association’s aim is to foster contacts and to provide, when possible, help to amplify the impact of existing, planned or new 4earlylife projects, particularly in, but not limited to, developing countries.

Volunteer your time and work

Do you have some time to donate? We have numerous small and larger projects under way. Some stall for lack of time and our need to prioritize others. Please mail or call us to see how you can use your time to help improve the condition of neonates for example with fund-raising, translation, secretarial work or other cooperation activity.