Kangaroo Care prevents hypothermia - a main killer

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Neonatal mortality is highest in Western and Central Africa. Despite the warm climate, hypothermia kills many low birth-weight infants. Kangaroo Care is a simple and highly efficient method of avoiding hypothermia, as long as a knowledgeable team can support and promote it locally.

Despite an official recommendation by the WHO, this simple technique still does not reach those who need it most, the low birth-weight babies born away from central hospitals. 

In close collaboration with the local pediatrician Dr. D. Kedy Koum, the health authorities of Cameroon and the financial support of the University Hospitals of Geneva, Dr. R. Pfister and Dr. C. Exhenry have successfully introduced Kangaroo Care in the District Hospital of Bonassama.

After one year of experience, the project now plans to analyze and resolve difficulties encountered to date with the aim of introducing the technique across the whole district, with its over 10’000 deliveries.

Read more about the Kangaroo Care program in Bonassama/Cameroon (English / French)

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The first 32 Kangaro Care babies and mothers from the Bonassama project 

Radiant warmers (starting under 80.- CHF) need to be used at birth to avoid the cooling of babies, especially those born with birth weights below 2500 g. 4earlylife has sent simple radiant heaters to several neonatal units in Cameroon (Laquintinie, Bonassama, Albert Le Grand) to improve neonatal care and reduce the mortality of low birth-weight infants. This equipement is safe and easy to install.