Fighting humidity to reduce infections

Fan croped

Humidity nurrishes/encourages germ growth and deteriorates equipment and infrastructure. At Bonassama District Hospital in Cameroon the pediatric section is overcrowded with not only patients but often entire families attending to the 6 or 8 young patients per room. Even during the dry season, this tropical and swampy area leads to unbearable heat and smell inside the patients' rooms! Buildings and equipment degrade fast in this very humid environment, and the electric power supply is insufficient for the installation of air-conditionning.

Thanks to a generous donor we have been able to re-instal ventilators/fans in a specific pattern in the complete pediatric hospital wing, allowing for a healthier internal airflow and climate control that reduces humidity in patient rooms and working areas.

Health care education in the pediatrics corridor between patient rooms: ventilators/fans were not functioning - todays they are thanks to a donor!

We expect a reduced cross-infection rate simply due to this improved air-flow.

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